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Biologically-rich wetlands are a large part of Svartådalen (Black River Valley) and the wet meadows provide fertile year-round grazing for sheep and cattle. The damp pastures and wet meadows provide food for the cattle on a yearly basis and contribute to the open feel of the landscape.

The area of Svartådalen (Black River Valley)-, the river itself, lakes, and wetlands are designated as wetlands of international importance by the Ramsar/Wetland convention. The area is also included in the EU Natura 2000 network and the Ramsar Convention. The lakes “Fläcksjön”, “Rörbosjön”, “Gjussjön” and “Hällsjön” with their associated wetlands and meadows are a part of this area, which is regularly flooded by the river’s slow stream.

In spring and autumn large numbers of migratory birds use Svartadalen as a stopping-off place to refuel for their long journeys. These include Whooper Swans rest here during their migration northwards to breed and an increasing number of Cranes that gather here before migrating south for the winter.

During the winter, the Pine Grosbeaks, relatives of our Crossbills, attracted a record number of foreign birdwatchers to the Västmanland forests. Sweden has been invaded by among Northern Hawk-Owls and Pine Grosbeaks from the great pine forests of the north and east. Bird species that are rare in the UK and other Western European countries, and therefore attracts birdwatchers and nature photographers to Svartådalen in the region of Västmanland.

Knowledgeable bird guides offers beautiful and functional photo sites to picture Nutcrackers, Hawfinches, but also common species like the Bullfinch. Even for talented amateur photographers who want to shoot birds-, mammals-, and exciting nature is Svartådalen one paradise!

Our bird guides manages a handful of different bird feeding stations and strive for a little extra for instance, to show the Nutcracker in good light and good photographic environment. Several of our customers saying already that Svartådalen is the best place in Europe to photograph the Nutcracker !!!

Bird-watching around the wetlands yields a good variety of bird species including Swans, Geese, Cranes, terns and wading birds, as well as raptors such as Ospreys and White tailed-eagles. The forests in the area are home to seven owl species including the rare Grey Great Owl, six species of Woodpecker including black and three-toed, and three species of Grouse. Visit between mid-March and mid- May and experience the weird lekking display of the turkey-sized Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) and the smaller Black Grouse. In late spring there is a wonderful mix of wetland and forest birds singing and displaying almost 24/7 during the almost continuous daylight.

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“Base camp” Edens Garden B&B…:

For the avid nature photographer, we can supplement the list with numerous insects, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, plants, mushrooms, fungi and mosses. But also during the winter times is the quiet winter scenery enchanting! The accommodations of Edens Garden are comfortable and rustic, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. It is the perfect base for both the amateur-, and the professional nature photographer. For photography workshops with at least 8 people we can arrange catering. You will not be disturbed by traffic, there are no streetlamps, only a private road and all this completely surrounded by 400 acres of forest-, open grassland-, small river-, one lake-, and wetlands. Known international nature photographers have been visited Edens Garden B&B several times, among:

  • 5 days wildlife sound recording field trip with Stefan Taylor, read all about it, >Click here<;

Edens Garden works closely with specialized nature-, wildlife-, and bird guides. These professional guides lead you to observation huts, where you can picture birds-, and wildlife in close up. There are photo packages possible for the golden eagle, white tailed eagle, owl, black grouse and capercaillie. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Edens Garden works among with:

The area is also rich in animal species including Elk (moose), Red deer, Roe deer, Lynx, Wolf, Wild Boar, Red Fox, Beaver, Red squirrel and Pine Marten. There are even one or two sightings of bears every year. Recently, even the wolf has settled in this region.

Photo impression made by the Dutch nature photographer “Edo van Uchelen” and photos from Edens Garden’s own collection (pictures by John de Jong ):

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