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Eden’s Garden is located on the estate of “Hälljsö Gård”, just 30 km north of Västerås and centrally located in the county of Västmanland. The Swedish capital Stockholm is just a 1½ hour drive from Eden’s Garden.



Our location is unique, even the Swedes agree this and that the silence is unprecedented. The estate is situated on the order to a nature area called ‘Svartådalen” (listed on RAMSAR and Natura 2000).

At Eden’s Garden, you can forget the daily stress. The area is perfect for touring by bicycle, canoe, horseback riding or by foot. Eden Garden is certified with the label “Natures Best”, which is an important quality label in the Swedish Eco-tourism.


Our goal:

Our goal is that our guests experience the environment with open senses….: Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and taste. In combination with the elements of nature ….: Air, water, fire and earth, are these the prefect ingredients for new inspiration…



Your host and hostess named John and Mandy have two children named Sara and Gabriëlla. Family de Jong having the Dutch nationality but moved to Sweden in 2002.

Other “recidents” at Edens Garden are the sheeps, also cats, rabbits and chickens. In the adjacent grasslands grazing the extremely friendly bulls.



Eden Garden offers various options, such as bed & breakfast, three beautiful vacation homes, rental canoes, bicycles, wooden rowing boat, fishing equipment and hot tub. But Eden’s Garden offers much more, such as relaxation treatments for body and mind.

Edens Garden Bed & Breakfast, Cottages and Tourist Activities

Hällsjö 108

726 92 Skultuna

+46 (0)70 681 89 87



Eden’s Gardens is open year round and have speciall offers for the winter season.


You are very Welcome!


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