• All prices on our website are in Swedish kronor, mentioned as “SEK” of “kr”;
  • We do not accept other currencies. You find ATM’s in Skultuna, Sala and Västerås;
  • We do accept credit card payments on site (VISA/Maestro/Master-card);
  • Persons under 21 can not book / stay with Edens Garden without legal guardian (s) (signature).

Tenancy and booking agreements:

The following is included the rental price:

  • Use of electricity-, heating and water;
  • Use of radio-Cd player, TV, and DVD player;
  • Biological soap, cleaning equipment;
  • Garden, garden furniture, grill;
  • Brochure material, maps and touristinformation.


§ 1 The accommodation is let to the guest(s) during stated period for stated price. A down payment must be paid within 7 days from the booking date and the final payment must be paid 2 weeks before your arrival date. Se our banking details in your rental agreement.

§ 1b In case of Last Minute Booking* must the guest transfer the whole rental sum, plus the cleaning fee** within 24 hours from booking date. *Definition Last Minute Booking= booking made 7 days prior to arrival date). **The cleaning fee is always in-calculated in your invoice as a method of deposit.

§ 2 The guest must be careful and take good care for accommodation. The guest must read the house rules-, the cleaning instructions and comply with the waste recycle policy that we provide at your arrival!

§ 3 The guest is responsible for damage caused by him/herself or other tenants. If damage occurs, must the guest contact the landlord immediately. The guest is not allowed to displace the furniture.

§ 4 The guest may not put the accommodation at someone elses disposal.

§ 5 It is Edens Garden’s responsibility to insure the accommodation and furnishings.

§ 6.1 The guest should leave accommodation clean and tidy according to the cleaning instructions we provide you. You eventually can buy the final cleaning for 650.00 / 1495.00 SEK. The cleaning fee is always in-calculated in your invoice as a method of deposit. On the departure date before checking out do we check the state of our accommodation. The accommodation should be left in the same state as we offered you during the arrival day.The landlord hires a cleaning company if the rented property is contaminated beyond the normal, these expences will be billed to the tenant. If damage occurs, it will be documented with photography-, writing-, and the expenses will be billed to the tenant

§ 6.1.1 For reservations for companies we apply a deposit amount of 1500 / 3500 SEK. In case of damage, insurance company will be contacted;

§ 6.1.2 For reservations for groups, where more than 4 / 8 people will stay during the day or evening hours, we apply a deposit amount of 1500 / 3500 SEK. In case of damage, insurance company will be contacted.

§ 7 Edens Garden do have a waste recycle policy. The guest must read and comply with the waste recycle instructions carefully we provide you on the arrival day (se also § 6.1).

§ 8 Bed linen and towels are NOT included. You can rent sheets- and towels and are provided for your stay with a maximum for one whole week stay (so we do NOT change sheets and towels daily). Extra change or extra set towels costs 50,- SEK, extra set of sheets costs 100,- SEK. The use of bed linen is obligatory (own bed linen or rented bed linen)

§ 9 Smoking-, and open fire are not allowed in the accommodation. Smoking outside only, put cigarette stumps in a tin can filled with water.

§ 10 Pets are allowed. Your dog(s) must be leashed at all times. The guest must take care of the hygiene inside and outside the accommodation.

§ 11 Arrival from 15:00 hours and check out at least on 10:00 hours. Changes can be made after approval from the Landlord

§ 12 Cancellation details

  • Cancellation can be made without penalty within 7 days from the booking date by sending us a e-mail. The cancelling rules written below are always actual, even if you did not payed the down payment. The customer is at any times self responsible for the cancelling procedure;

  • Cancellation made 8 days from the booking date and 55 days prior to arrival date do we charge 10% of the total rent;

  • Cancelling within 8 weeks before arrival date charges 25% of the total rental costs;

  • Cancelling within 6 weeks before arrival date charges 50% of the total rental costs;

  • Cancelling within 4 weeks before arrival date charges 75% of the total rental costs;

  • Cancelling within 2 weeks before and untill the arrival day, charges the whole amount of the rental costs;

  • NOTE: Cancellation with ‘Last Minute’ is not possible!!! Definition ‘Last Minute’ = within 14 days before arrival day.

Preliminary bookings:

  • NOTE! Please note that the option to make preliminary bookings is not available, only direct confirmation and payment. But you can cancel your reservation without penalty within 7 days from booking date.

Change your booking / upgrade:

  • The request for a change must be made via e-mail. In the event of a change, we calculate a fee of 250,- SEK in your original booking.

  • If we decide to upgrade your accommodation for any reasons, than we don’t charge a higher price or extra fees. But if it is desired to stay longer in the upgraded accommodation, then we will charge the regular price for the upgraded accommodation.

Cancellation due to illness/unforeseen events:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to cancel your visit to Edens Garden with a refund up to 75% of the total amount. With unforeseen circumstances, we refer to;

  • Bereavement, illness or a severe accident that affected you, your travel companion, husband/wife, common-law spouse, your or partners parents, children or siblings.

  • Unforeseen and serious event outside your control, such as an extensive fire or flood in your residence which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you fulfil your contract.

  • Force majeure* does not include within this refund option.

Although you need to verify the reason that prevents you from carrying out your journey with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company – in English language. A medical certificate must contain a diagnosis, the date of your first visit and the reason of why you are prevented from travelling. The certificate must be issued before the arrival date.

For you to get your refund, the cause of cancellation must be unforeseen, unexpected and of a nature that prevents you from carrying out your journey. This means that if you for instance do not have the necessary travel documents for the journey, it will not be regarded as a legitimate reason for cancelling.

*Force majeure:

Force majeure means unusual, unpredictable and unavoidable events that are outside of the organizers control, and that prevents the contract to be fulfilled. Circumstances that the organizer could not, withing reasonable means, have foreseen and therefore could not have avoided or overcome. Including, but not restricted to, war, threat of war, riot, civilian insubordination or strike, authority measure, act of terrorism, nature- or industrial catastrophe, fire, severe weather conditions, flood, closed air ports, technical issues, maintenance issues or unforeseen changes made by airlines, such as time table changes, interruption in IT-infrastructure (including but not restricted to our web site). During these conditions the organizer is free from liability or other consequences.


Any errors that occurs during your stay must be reported immediately to the staff at Edens Garden. If you have not reported any complaints or errors during your stay and therefore neglected to give Edens Garden the opportunity to correct any mistakes, you can not demand any compensation afterwords. If you are not satisfied with your compensation, you have to notify Edens Garden in writing within 14 days from arriving home. If we can not come to an agreement, you may turn to appropriate authority in your country for assistance.

Subject to change:

  • Edens Garden B&B, Cottages and Tourist Activities reserves the right to change times, prices, payment, booking or discount conditions at will. Prices for coming seasons are always preliminary and are subject to change.

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