The last two weeks we did had many guests. All the way from among Israel, USA, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, France and even locals from Sala and Västerås. During our beversafari wild life within an arm length. 2 mooses and several beavers and so realaxed and undisturbed. It is a privelege to be one with nature

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*** Sista Minut Julklapp! – Presentkort Bäversafari ***
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Wildlife sound recording field trips – Black River Valley – central Sweden.

These trips bring those with an interest in the sounds of nature to the very special environment of the Black River Valley in central Sweden. Though only two hours flight time from the UK there is a real sense of wilderness here difficult to find elsewhere in Europe. There are plenty of opportunities for sound recording and for photography as well as it is an ideal destination for those wishing to avoid man-made disturbance!



The Black River Valley is a mixed landscape of forest and wetlands lying at the southern edge of the northern ‘Taiga’ forest belt which stretches around the globe. The natural environment is healthy here as indicated by the presence of top predators such as wolf, lynx and sea eagle, as well as a wide range of other species such as European elk, beaver, wild boar, capercaillie, European crane, corncrake, snipes and bittern.


:-) Today, April 7th, is International Beaver Day! :-)
And this do we celebrate! Book and pay your beaver safari before the end of April and you receive 10% discount!
More info and book here >>

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Edens Garden goes Peru!
Hereby do we pronounce our exciting journey to Peru, October 2016! And you can follow with us!


  • We will travel to familiar and mysterious places such as Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon, Nazca Lines, Lima, etc.

  • We will do a boat trip to ‘El Candelabro’ (a geoglyph), and the Ballestas islands with wildlife, including sea lions, pinguins, and many types of birds.

  • We also visit two children’s charities and 1 Fairtrade Eco-coffee / tea plantation.

  • Overnights during the trip will be done on the so-called family based accommodations ‘Hostals’.

This makes this trip not only memorable, but you also contribute to sustainable tourism that benefits local population.


Booking and information can be found at:
>>Ancient Mysteries Explained – Peru Tour 2016<<

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