“…Five reasons to switch to organic…”

(Recommendations from the Swedish board of Nature protection “Naturskyddsföreningen“)

Hard to fill your basket with organic food? Start by replacing some real environmental “bad guys”. Here are just 5 products that will be a good simple start “to go organic”:


    1. Buy organic Coffee – “Fair Trade” or similar. But don’t buy the cheapest coffee!!! Because cheap coffee beans are soaked with pesticides. This kills you and the farmers!
    2. Bananas, grapes are the worst you can buy. It contains loads of pesticides!!! Ignore-, buy organic or buy other fruits like mango or advocado.
    3. Dairy products. Nowadays you can choose for organic, so just buy organic. On the long term will it have better effects on you-, farmers and the animals.
    4. Meat. Buy local produced and organic. If it is to expensive just eat less and various. Don’t buy imported meat from Uruguay, USA, etc. Home made – Home best!
    5. Potatoes. Don’t buy “King Edward” potatoes! Buy various kind, be creative! Try to buy organic and local produced potatoes.


Replace these 5 items. It will change your live!

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Watch this film why…:

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But, YOU can do even more, to create a better world …..:

Change your banking-, insurance company-, pension funds-, shares-, etc. Just deal with economics that does not create gaps between people-, regions-, culture-, and nature (better known as the SRI Fund or – Socially Responsible Investing).

You don’t not need to change all at once. Discuss first with your existing bank-, insurance compagny-, etc. Which option do they have to offer? Customers like YOU, determines the outside world!



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