Yoga, spring time, cutting the grass and bachelor party ….

Yes! This week passed by like a fast train. In addition, we noticed no high speed and no stress at all. Which is an important feature for Edens Garden.

Time stands still and is an relieve for our guests.  Peace, quietness, – and silence are key experiences.

During this week we received guests from England for a 5 day fully booked Yoga and Nature retrait under the guidance of Kari Knight. Between all the yoga practising was there time left for cycling trips to Svanå, Fläckebo and Skultuna. During a 2 hours meditation walk in Färnmansbo forests we saw fox, moose and elk! A canoe trip, guided by John, created great impression on Svartådalens beautiful natural environment. The good Swedish cook coffee from a open fire did make wonders happening! The sound meditation, with the Tibetan Singing Bowls, performed by Mandy gives a relaxation that passing all senses.

The beautiful Swedish spring weather did put the crown on this week! The booming of the blossoms-, insects buzzing and the lovely enchanting smell everywhere!


This weekend 14 guys visited us to celebrate a bachelor party with a two-day canoe trip. Leaving from Västerfärnabo and overnight at the half island called Brahe Holmen. Upon returning to Edens Garden we countered by 14 very happy guys who were quite lyrical about this “close to nature” canoe trip.

Between this all, there was time left for cutting the grass, cleaning the houses, and to receive new guests from Holland who celebrate an early holiday in Sweden.

Some pictures of Edens Garden from the past week …:

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