Meanwhile the other guests from the Yoga group make a bicycle tour to the “Skultuna messingbruk” do we make a canoe tour with the rest of the group. It is a beautiful day! It is sunny and silent in the enchanting Swedish autumn landscape…..

Durring this weekend Edens Garden is full booked again by an Yoga group arriving from England. Wow… Yoga !!! but why at Edens Garden?

Well…. besides Edens Garden is such a lovely place to be-, has great nature-, astonishing surroundings and true silence, Edens Garden also offers you…..: Sound !

But John… you just mentioned it can be so silent and peacefull at Edens Garden, and now you offering Sound?

Yes, good point! Because sound is also silence and it is all around you in frequency waves. Actually our whole world-, solar system-, and universe is sound. In other words “…Nada Brahma” – “The World is Sound…”.

For the first time in history individual piano notes have been made visible using the “CymaScope” instrument. Makes you wonder if all those ancient mandala’s in temples, churches etc. can create a symphony when viewed with this new visual scale.

Sound (ULF* / ELF*) is responible for everything. It is the “push” – the only force in the universe. It is responsible for electricty and how it moves. Sound is gravity-, sound is how and where the planets move or stay-, sound is why our Sun is so hot. (ULF* Ultra Low Frequencies waves / ELF* Extra Low Frequencies waves).

Under special occasions Edens Garden offers you sound. Mandy can give “Sound Meditations” for groups with her Tibetan Singing bowls. But she also can give personal “sound massage”. Sound affect you in many ways, stimulating your mental and physiological processes. You can read all about this on our website by > klicking here <.

Read also more interesting facts about sound on the website “CymaScope” > klick here <.

Nada Brahma !

Project “Hållbar Besöksnäring” (Sustainable tourism) is the first certification in tourism that takes account of both durability and quality.

Kim Ross – Quality & Tourism Advisor – visited Edens Garden 10th of september 2012.

And this is what she said afterwards…:

“…Thank you and your family for you kind hospitality, I am dreaming about the soup! It is very impressive how well structured the booking and administration side of the business is. Thanks and I wish you well with all your future developments…”

“…It was interesting to see the “Dala kitchen” which is essentially a collectors item. This kind of thing is good to use when we are training new people as it talks about quality and condition in a different way when something is older but of high intrinsic quality!…”

“…The “autumn holiday deal” looks great, allso well done on your use of social media. Good luck with this exciting new promotion!…”

“…Let’s wake up the Swedes so they can see the beauty of their own country ‘mid season’! I love the pictures of autumn leaves and people having fun…”

“…I think I might just have to come back and see Sweden in the autumn now, you have inspired me!…”

Took some pictures of butterflies at Edens Garden…:

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