Bäver, hackspettar och tranor under påsklov.
Bilder som gjorts av en av våra gäster, tack Joris!

Lovely!!! Spring has finally arrived at Edens Garden B&B.


Everything comes back to life, nature buzzes, growls, hums, hisses, squeaks and chirps! Every year it’s fascinating to see and especially to experience how vivid nature is after the long Swedish winter!

* Pictures: John de Jong

Svans Hällsjön - Picture Edo van Uchelen

Birch sap is the sap extracted from a birch tree, such as a North American Sweet Birch or a Silver Birch. The sap is often a slightly sweet, thin syrupy-watery liquid. The tree sap contains sugars (namely xylitol), proteins, amino acids, and enzymes.


* Tapping birch sap is not included in the Swedish ‘Allemansrätten‘;


* Birch sap must be collected during a specific time of the year, depending on the species and geography, at the break of winter and spring when the sap moves intensively, typically between the first thaws and the start of bud development. The fresh collected sap can be drunk as a beverage.


* Birch sap collection is done by tying a bottle to the tree, drilling a hole into its trunk and leading the sap to the bottle by a plastic tube. A small birch (trunk diameter about 15 cm) can produce up to 5 liters of sap per day, a larger tree (diameter 30 cm) up to 15 liters per day. Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring it becomes bitter. The collection period is only about a month per year. The price of birch sap is correspondingly high in some countries, e.g. in Japan reaching up to 50 Euro per liter!!!


* Birch sap can be used as a traditional herbal medicine functioning as antiseptic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching treatment. Earlier research from Lund University (Sweden) have demonstrated that savens natural ingredients prevents cancer.;


* Fresh birch sap is highly perishable; even if refrigerated, it is stable for only up to 2–5 days. Shelf life can be prolonged by freezing. Frozen birch sap is fairly stable.


* Source: WiKiPedia

* Pictures: John de Jong

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