Besides all the other activities, you can also meet our animals at Edens Garden….
The chickens called for: Chich, Jenny, Lilla Grå och Britta.
The roosters called for: Rooster och Elvis.
The rabbits called for: Saga, Tilde, Vitnos, Smulan, Rocky och Pop Corn.
The sheeps called for: Lilla Svarta, Molly och Orkan.
The goat called for: Bruce.
The cats called for: Tom, Luna och Sotis.

… ‘Paddle Canoe, Rent a Bike, Zoom Camp, Beaver Safari‘ …
This 10-second movie clip can be seen during this whole summer at Willys supermarket in Sala if you’re in line at the pay desk
The film was made in collaboration with Fallängetorp farm & Activities in The Black River Valley.


We went out for our beaver safari. But what did we see?! … Swimming wild boar (sow) with 9 pigs and later on did a badger swim over to the other side!!! (unfortunately to dark for a picture). Even during this tour: Cranes, ducklings and nice yellow Iris/flag.
Join our Beaver Safari… You never know really what will happen ;-)

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