YEAH! Our beaversafari’s tours raised 337,50 Euro’s for Peru!
You can help to raise this amount… read more:

Now we calculated our commission results from our beaver safari tours during this year 2017. We promised to donate a commission from our beaver safari tours to the HoPe charity foundation in Peru. The result is 337,50 Euro’s! We are so greatfull to our guests.
Now with your help, Edens Garden wants to increase this sum of 337,50 Euro. How? … You can support with a voluntary contribution onto our bank account under the name ‘Beaver HoPe’ until the 14th Januari 2018.
IBAN: SE55 6000 0000 0005 0802 8612 – BIC/SWIFT: HANDSESS.
Together we can make the change – THANK YOU!
Watch the video and find out what Hope already achieved. In 2016 we visited a school in Patacancha (Ollantaytambo) with our own family together with Walter Meekes and Jan Peter de Jong.
Link to video: HoPe Foundation Peru

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