Have you ever seen a beaver in the wild once? What do you actually know about beavers?
The beaver is the most remarkable mammal in the Nordic taiga ecosystem. Join a knowledgeable guide into the fascinating world of the Black River Valley. Join our Beaver safari evening tour. Together we’ll paddle stealthily by canoe along the Black River into the beaver’s realm.

In the evening the wind drops and the waters become calm. The evening mist swirls over the water and fields and through the trees. A symphony of birdsong, the trumpeting calls of cranes, then a rustling in the reeds…

Now we are still and await the entrance of a beaver! A fascinating animal with natural woodworking skills. The Beaver builds complex structures out of twigs, branches and earth. With an arched back like a fin and its webbed feet the beaver is perfectly adapted to a life in and around the water. The beaver is a a very sociable creature and mates for life.

Beaver is a key species that benefit biodiversity:
Beaver is therefore a key species in the Swedish landscape. Researchers have shown that a water system with beaver ponds have a richer biodiversity than the system without beavers. The beaver’s return to this region is playing a special part in the Black River Valley’s environment. To go on beaver safari in Svartådalen is a unique experience. Not only beaver, but also is the otter making a come back in the Black River Valley. This is a very good sign that in the wildlife is in good health. The number of otters in Sweden today is estimated at between 1,500 and 2,000. Therefore, we welcome the otter in Svartådalen very welcome!

The Black River Valley is well known for it’s rich bird life. Here there are marshes and wet meadows. The wetlands are classified as internationally important for a number of migratory birds and are included in the EU’s network of valuable natural habitats called Natura 2000. The Black River Valley is also listed as an internationally important wetland area under the RAMSAR convention.


  • 695, -kr / person all inclusive
  • Children under 14 years just 395,- kr
  • Max 6 – 10 persons per trip (minimum 2 persons).

Included in the price:

  • Parking at the farm, canoe & paddles, lifejacket, watertight container and padded seat.
  • Coffee/tea per person. On arrival you’ll be served real coffee or tea from a copper kettle with delicious biscuits at our jetty. All tastefully presented by lamplight and seated on reindeer skins.
  • English talking guide.

Canoeing distances:

  • From Eden’s Garden bridge to the beaver kingdom is approx 20 minutes.
  • Safari time is about 3 up to 4 hours, sometimes longer, this depends on the evening light and the wild Life activity.
  • Note: ability to swim is mandatory!
  • Small children are always provided with a lifejacket.


  • Spring, summer and the beautiful autumn
  • Departure times depend on sunset, between 17.00 and 20.00

What you can expect to see on your Beaver safari evening tour?

  • We give no warranty, all depend on nature’s terms:
  • Most certain you will see Beavers, it’s a Beaver safari of course ;-) ;
  • John de Jong is your guide tells you passionate about the beaver. You will learn about the life of the beaver, why the beaver is a keystone species and facts about anatomy and the physiology;
  • Beaver lodges, tracks and beaver food-, and mark places;
  • Cranes, gees, swans, woodpeckers, and even possibility to see the White tailed eagle etc;
  • Moose; wild bore, roe deer, etc;
  • Dragonflies, bats etc;
  • Amazing diversity of plants;
  • Magical silence.
  • If possible does the guide make Pictures, which you receive the day after the tour.

What we expect from you:

  • Being comfortable with nature’s creatures, including insects;
  • Prior knowledge of the paddling is not necessary;
  • That you bring weatherproof clothing and shoes / boots / sandals for canoeing, warm clothes for the cold days, extra pair of socks, camera, binoculars;
  • That you shut down your cell phone and make sure that the battery of camera is charged;
  • That you like adventure;
  • That you can sit still in a canoe and be quiet for at least 3 hours;
  • Do NOT use anti mosquito repellent! We will borrow you an anti musquito jacket with hood.
  • Booking is binding. So we need all your contact details.
  • Please notify us in advance if you have food allergy.


Our Beaver safari evening tour is not possible under the following circumstances:

  • Wind speeds over 6m/sec
  • Thunderstorms
  • If these conditions are forecast, you may cancel the trip 24 hours before arrival and receive a full refund. Cancellation within 24 hours of departure is not refundable but we will re-book your trip. Therefore please pay special attention to weather forecasts!


  • Cycling, hiking, bird and wildlife watching, fishing, horse-riding, paramotor tandem flying, Eco forest and wildfire forest, golf, Frisbee-golf, historical sightseeing, shopping in Västerås or Sala, Sala Silvermines, Skultuna brassworks, Sätra Brünn Health Spa, etc etc. Come and experience all that the Black River Valley has to offer.
  • We strive to offer locally produced foods to add to your special experience in Svartådalen.

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Pictures & Film: John de Jong

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