On the estate of Hällsjö Gård do you find our family business ‘Edens Garden Bed & Breakfast, Cottages and Tourist Activities’.
The location is unique and the silence is breathtaking. Forget your everyday stress and enjoy the amazing scenery. The surroundings are perfect for a trip by bike, by canoe, on horseback or on foot.
Our goal is that you will experience your visit with all your senses…: see, feel, smell, hear and taste. Combine these elements together with: air, water, fire and earth. You will find the perfect ingredients for new inspirations …
Family de Jong:
The hosts, John and Mandy de Jong have two children, named Gabriëlla and Sara. Family de Jong, have the Dutch origins and moved to Sweden in 2002.
Family de Jong does find the Swedish nature immensely valuable. The Swedish rural nature is actually still genuine for Europe. The company’s name ‘Edens Garden’ has to do with the fascination for the paradise like setting, surrounded by her intense nature. The silence, wild animals, birds of prey, light, views, open spaces, sunshine, flowers, wild herbs, snow, etc. This enviroment is for the Swedes perhaps obvious, but places like this have become increasingly rare in other parts of Europe!
Therefore, John and Mandy started this small scale family company. With this they created the opportunity for people to come close to nature for those who are not close to nature in their daily life.
Edens Garden carries a very personal service form. The company develops slowly on a natural way with a focus on sustainable tourism, on local co-operation, on development and on maintenance of quality living on the Swedish countryside.
You are very welcome!

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