Klangskålar, Singing Bolws, Klankschalen Heavy Metal !

Sound has always played a big part in our lives. Everything around and in us is in vibration. Sounds affect you in many ways, stimulating your mental and physiological processes.


For centuries eastern monks understood and used metal bowls for creating sounds for meditation and curing processes. These bowls are hand made from seven different kinds of metal.


These metal bowls are called ‘Singing Bowls’. What does this have to do with Sweden? Simple… everything! Sound and music doesn’t have any borders and is in that way universal. Interestingly our region is known for its rich metal industry. The production of silver, steel, aluminium, copper, lead and brass marked a once golden time in this region of Sweden. This fact brings a symbolic equality between Sweden and the eastern culture.


The gentle ancient sounds of these ‘Singing Bowls’ will bring you to a complete state of relaxation. The sounds and vibrations affect your body, ease the mind and trigger self-healing. It doesn’t matter if you are a hard rock fan or like playing the block flute, the sound treatment with these Singing Bowls is mind blowing!


Book and treat yourself a exclusive Sound Massage at Edens Garden.



  • The Sound Massage will be given to you by Mandy de Jong.

  • The Sound Massage takes about 45 minutes and costs 450,- Swedish crowns per person.

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