Canoe ArrangementCanoe Trail “Big Burger!

What´s in the name has a ‘Big Burger’ to do with this all-in canoe trail? Everything! This All-In canoe trail is namely a delight for all your senses. The silent and scenic setting is just 30 km north from Västerås city and makes a perfect place for canoeing along the meandering Svartån River, especially during spring, summer and fall. This All-In Canoe trail along the meandering Svartån River is ‘Natures Best‘ quality labelled! > Read more… <

Bicycle arrangement

Bicycle tour “To The Source!

Riding a bicycle is a real pleasure on the Swedish rural county side. With almost no traffic will you beholding the beautiful scenery along the local gravel roads trough forests-, lakes- and cattle grounds. > Read more… <



Beaver Safari

Beaver Safari

Have you ever seen a beaver in the Black River? What do you know about beavers? Join a knowledgeable guide into the fascinating world of the Black River Valley. Together we’ll paddle stealthily by canoe along the Black River into the beaver’s realm. > Read more… <



Canoe arrangement

Evening canoe tour

There is something special about the long Scandinavian summer evenings. Take an evening canoe tour in beautiful Svartådalen and you will see what we mean. No matter what the weather has been like through the day, the evening is often still and the waters tend to get calm. > Read more… <



Wintery arrangement

Winter coziness” with wood-fired hot-tub!

Relax in a 40c warm water in a wood-fired hot-tub. Soak up the stillness and falling snowflakes, or gaze at a starry night sky. Listen top owls hooting in the forest nearby. > Read more… <

Wintery arrangement

Complete Swedish Winter week  – “Experiences to remember!

Ice fishing, snow shoe hiking and ice skating tour. Monday…: Ice Fishing
We step on to the ice with a professional guide and a sled or snowshoes to catch perch, zander or pike
….. >



Yoga and Nature retreat

Affordable, small-scale “Yoga and Nature Retreat.

Sweden… peace, tranquility and openness. The landscape is the ideal backdrop for yoga, relaxation, promoting wellness and getting away from an increasingly manic existence called 21st century life. Five day retreats include walking meditation in ancient forest, two yoga sessions daily, Tibetan singing bowl group meditation, accomodation, meals and transfer. > Read more… <

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