Fishing and Sweden are closely connected. Fishing in Sweden is a special activity, and above all about relaxation. You will experience complete peace with nature all around you. You might experience an osprey snatching a fish from the lake or an elk coming to the waterside to drink.




Swedes treat themselves after a fishing expedition by smoking, frying or stewing their catch. And washing it down with a glass of Swedish snapps liquor ;-)


Perch and pike can can be found in all lakes and rivers. You might also catch trout. Crayfish is like a small freshwater lobster that can be caught at the end of august.


Edens Garden is located close to the River Svartån and you can easily reach Lake Hällsjö by foot.


Nearby you can visit the lakes: Hällsjön-, Rörbosjön-, Fläcksjön-, and Bångbosjön. Fishing-permits are required and can be bought at Eden Garden and the local tourist-offices in Sala or Västerås. Some places you can fish without a permit, but you need to have the permission of the landlord.


In winter, if the ice is thick enough, you can experience ´ice-fishing´ in the traditional Swedish way. We have contacts with guides who can introduce you to the world of ice-fishing.

Prices and equipment for amator, family-, and leisure fishing:

  • Rental complete set fishing gear
  • 150,- kr per day
  • 200, – kr for two days
  • 800, – kr for whole week
  • Loss of flow, art and wobblers will be charged in addition to the rental price of the material
  • Rent our boat with eletric trolling motor – click here

  • Fishing permit
  • License 50 SEK kr per day
  • 150 SEK per year

  • NOTE: Different fishing permits for the lakes in the surrounding. We do sell fishing permits for various lakes in the surrounding.
  • The equipment consists of a casting rod and telescopic rod, various lures and spinners, pliers, scissors, hook remover, fillet knife, fishing net, catch bucket.

  • Worms can be dug in designated places.


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