Reiki is a Japanese method of stress-reduction and deep relaxation. A Reiki treatment involves laying hands on the body in different positions to increase the body’s energy levels, stimulate self-healing and enhance the body’s natural immune systems


Stress levels reduce over approximately an hour as you lie clothed on a treatment bench in a calm environment. Reiki is one of the most widely used healing methods in Sweden, and one which yields measurable scientific benefits. The touching process in Reiki delivers stress-reduction and pain relief, activating the well-known hormone oxytocin. Reiki means increased energy.


Reiki is currently used in healthcare in the USA, the United Kingdom and Norway. Uniquely Reiki as a self-treatment can be learned on a two-day course. A step towards self-help.


Reiki is a health-treatment recognised by the Swedish tax authorities since Summer 2007. This means you can organise Reiki treatments through your employer or use your health-credits towards treatments.


Examples of the benefits of Reiki include; relaxation, reduced stress, emotional balance, increased creativity, pain-relief, release, heightened consciousness, purging of toxins, and enhanced natural healing.


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