Red Fox Edens GardenBiologically-rich wetlands are a large part of Svartådalen (Black River Valley) and the wet meadows provide fertile year-round grazing for sheep and cattle. The damp pastures and wet meadows provide food for the cattle on a yearly basis and contribute to the open feel of the landscape.


The area of Svartådalen (Black River Valley)-, the river itself, lakes, and wetlands are designated as wetlands of international importance by the Ramsar/Wetland convention. The area is also included in the EU Natura 2000 network and the Ramsar Convention. The lakes “Fläcksjön”, “Rörbosjön”, “Gjussjön” and “Hällsjön” with their associated wetlands and meadows are a part of this area, which is regularly flooded by the river’s slow stream.


The area is also rich in animal species including Elk (moose), Red deer, Roe deer, Lynx, Wolf, Wild Boar, Red Fox, Beaver, Utter, Red squirrel and Pine Marten. There are even one or two sightings of bears every year. Recently, even the wolf has settled in this region.


For the avid nature photographer, we can supplement the list with numerous insects, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, plants, mushrooms, fungi and mosses. But also during the winter times is the quiet winter scenery enchanting!


Edens Garden is your perfect “Nature Base Camp”…:

Our accommodations provide a perfect ‘Nature Base Camp’ for both the amateur-, and for the professional nature photographer.

For photography workshops does have Edens Garden a collaboration with Amazing Nature Scandinavia. You use Edens Garden as ‘Nature Base Camp’ and Amazing Nature Scandinavia offers various photography workshops such as landscape, macro, wildlife and night photography. A tailor-made package will be put together in consultation. For more information, please contact us.

Known international photographers had already visited us, including:




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