A short history note about “Edens Garden” at the estate Hällsjö Gård

The estate of ‘Hällsjö Gård (farm) have a long history. Already from the 17th century the estate had consisted of 27 buildings and seven active small farms. These small farms were self-supporting, provided services and products to the surrounding ironworks for amoung “Svanå Bruk“.


The Old Cottage is the last remaining “house” in its original shape and is therefore carefull restored. This cottage was long ago a stock house for suplies.

We found a map on the internet from the year 1719 !!! But the history goes much longer way back in time.


According to stories, even the Vikings lived in this territory. According this stories should there be an old Viking burial mound in the pasture at about 500 meters from the Hällsjö Gård.


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