The message….:

…”Strong G3 to G4 Level Geomagnetic Storm continues at high latitudes. Geomagnetic Storming is also taking place at middle latitudes. If it is dark outside and you are high in latitude, be on the lookout for visible Aurora“…

This means only one thing…. Aurora Borealis!!!

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This pictures did I make during the event….:

(Nikon D5000, shutter 30 sec)

It was time to replace som older pictures for new pictures on our homepage. Now can you find new pictures of amoung “The Holiday Villa“.

Please take a look around and enjoy!

SvartadalenThe best feedback you can get is the feedback from your own guests. We are very grateful for the feedback our guests write on Facebook, on Tripadvisor or on a blogg exemple on “Wanderlust“.

Wanderlust is an important travel magazine and website in the UK and our guests wrote an articel which became even editor’s choice! You can read the article by clicking here…

Read what our guests say on Tripadvisor, click here…

This the proof (again) that Svartådalen is a very attractive destination and Edens Garden is a good accomodation for spending your holidays!

Thank you dear guests!!!!

Today…. What a Day!

Sometimes a day can give you just a little bit more. We did have the joy to have Bed & Breakfast guests staying for two nights at “The Farm“. These 5 beautiful ladies where on the yearly training at Heart Math Scandinavia in Västerås and booked the overnights at our place.

One of the ladies wrote on the guest list:

…”Thank you for the beautyful accomodation and the harmonic atmosphere…!

This is exactly what we want to accomplish at Edens Garden B&B, Cottages and Tourist Activities :-D

During this day I whas working with different kind of things and I whas also often outside. My eyes catched the sky and I what stunned about the view. Also on this same moment there flew one Eagle close over our house. On these moments I getting silent inside…. Wow! what a day, so simple… and giving so much!

Thank You!

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