Today…. What a Day!

Sometimes a day can give you just a little bit more. We did have the joy to have Bed & Breakfast guests staying for two nights at “The Farm“. These 5 beautiful ladies where on the yearly training at Heart Math Scandinavia in Västerås and booked the overnights at our place.

One of the ladies wrote on the guest list:

…”Thank you for the beautyful accomodation and the harmonic atmosphere…!

This is exactly what we want to accomplish at Edens Garden B&B, Cottages and Tourist Activities :-D

During this day I whas working with different kind of things and I whas also often outside. My eyes catched the sky and I what stunned about the view. Also on this same moment there flew one Eagle close over our house. On these moments I getting silent inside…. Wow! what a day, so simple… and giving so much!

Thank You!

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