Today, in the early morning, I went out again with our guests and with our canoes. We held a beaver safari. Unfortunately no beavers seen, but many “carpeting” traces that proofs the beavers are actually active :-D

Once back at our house was a big surprise awaiting us!
Well “big”….: Standing closely next to our sheep a newly born lamb, hardly one hour old / young!!!! :lol:

Is it already spring? 8-O

It is 28th of December and the winter is gone!!!

Flooding waterlevels on the wetlands of “Svartådalen” and I am making a paddeltour on the river.

On Friday the 30th of December will we doing a beaver safari with our guests! Complete unusual for this time in the year!

Finally some good winter conditions at Edens Garden. Today I made these pictures.


Last week a strong storm was coming. So I decided to build a shelter for our sheeps. But I want to build it with low costs and old material. I grasp the old material I had and started sawing, hammering and drilling. The only thing I bought are the screws (69,90 SEK). The old material comes from the recycle station in Skultuna. People throw away a lot, but can be still very usefull!

The result…..:

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