Today it is already day 6 and still this immense fire going on! Most intense are the surroundings in the north around Västerfärnebo onto the region of Ängelsberg and Norberg.
For almost two days was our place and even the whole region to the south and east (Västerås and Sala city) covered by thick smoke. Here att Edens Garden you only could see 75 meters away. My family is evacuated to Kolbäck and stay at our good friends at the Kolbäcks Inn. Our rabbits and chickens are evacuated to Solberga Range in Skultuna. With our friends family Preiholt at Rörbo Gård and Månsbo was the situation very critical and the fire reached almost 400meters from their property borders. They evacuated their sheeps to Edens Garden and their horses to Bångbo horse Range. But because the thickening of the smoke was Bångbo Gård forced to evacuate all their 22 horses and also fam Preiholt’s horses to Solgberga Range in Skultuna.
Our friends from Fallänge torp in the north part (Västerfärnebo) have evacuated all their 500 sheep’s and 60 other sheep’s. Other friends and framers with more cattle, horses and animals were forced to evacuate.
It is not to imagine and can I not describe this large complex logistics. Meanwhile other people fighting the fire under extreme dangerous circumstances. These people need also water to drink and eat. The fire had on some places a speed up to 2km/hour! The winds were terrible hard and the temperatures were above 34 Celsius! Before yesterday a complete fire-storm breached out and threatened the surroundings in Seglingsberg, Virsbo, Gammalby, Ängelsberg (UNESCO), Karbenning, Norberg and even more north. Actual is the situation still critical there and is all focus pointed on that region. The international fire extinguish air-planes are bombing water now as I speak.
It is amazing to see how big help we do have with the social media like FaceBook. In the whole region and even beyond are friends and their contacts giving updates, advice and offering help with all imaginable help you can think about. Because this social media a lot of more suffering is prevented!
Yesterday evening we did had a big thunderstorm and within ½-hour it poured down 26 mm’s rain, thanks to our rain-Shamans! In our own region ‘The Black River Valley‘ are professionals, professional farmers and many volunteers working to damp down and extinguish the small remaining fires. They work with excavators, tractors making fire borders and digging new water canals. All the infrastructure north of Edens Garden within The Black River Valley is closed.
International help has arrived and now there are totally 7 fire extinguish air-planes from Italy, Spain and France (Scandinavia does not have these planes). There are many helicopters from private compagnies helping and also helicopters from the Swedish and Norwegian army. The people at Västerås airport (VST) doing great work right now!
For us is the situation not threat-full any more, despite the fire line is still about 4½-km’s away. Because the rain and the hard work is this fire line blocked. There is almost no wind and the air above us has cleared and is breathable again, we actually heard even the White Tailed Eagle making his callings. The weather forecast is positive for our place.
We inform our present guests continuous (The Farm) are they make a day trip to Stockholm right now and our other guests (The Old Cottage) doing a weekend trip to Uppsala and will come back on Sunday. Guests staying at Granns Gård (Family Apartment) checked out and went to another part in Sweden and had all the understanding for our situation. We cancelled the new guests who should arrive this Saturday.
As it looks like now it is absolutely not necessary to cancel the bookings who arriving the 17:th of august. The weather is calm now and more small rain showers are on the way. As for today and the coming days, the weather forecast also shows that the wind and smoke is not likely to come in our direction. Probably I can do some beaver safari’s during the weekend already. The wildlife spotting and fishing is not affected either and still good in the region of Skinskatteberg. Our lake Hällsjö and the river Svartån is still free and accessible for our canoe’s. But it is not allowed to paddle the canoes to the Fläcksjön for now. Some local events are cancelled.
Cities like Västerås, Sala, Uppsala, Stockholm are normal accessible. You could experience and sense some smoke in the whole region, even in Stockholm (but Beijing is always worse ;-) ). The officials and authorities are much more positive and talking now that the situation is more and less under control.
We want to thank our guests and all of you for all your patience, support and understanding. This situation is beyond our limits, this is Force Majeure at the first degree. Our deepest thoughts go to these people who are still in great danger during this catastrophal fire.
You can follow Edens Garden Bed & Breakfast on FaceBook. And follow also the local news channels like VLT.se, SVT.se and the FaceBook channel of the authorities of this county Västmanland.
Send a e-mail or give a phone call if you have further questions.
With the kindest regards,
John and Family de Jong


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