The current situation Friday 2014-08-08 / 10:00hrs


Right now the situation is relatively unchanged from yesterday and earlier boundary lines are stable! At present it is not necessary with any further evacuations on Friday.
The fire is apparently extinguished in large areas but is still glowing under the ground. Changes in weather and falling trees in the area may make the fire flare up again.
On the ground works around 120 fire fighters, 100 men from the armed forces, volunteers, farmers, the whole society still battering the whole area. The focus is to keep the limit lines on the east side and secure the hose systems in northern and western areas. In the air are more than a dozen helicopters and air-planes to control the whole area. We are GRATEFUL for the incredible job everybody does at this moment and the work that will follow!!!
As it looks like now it is not necessary to cancel any of our the bookings (according our accommodations). But some group canoe events for the next week are not sure yet, because the restrictions on lake Fläcksjön and the water-bombings.
Today’s weather static is the same compared to yesterday and we see no danger of fire spreading. As for today and the coming days, the weather forecast also shows that the wind and smoke is not likely to come into our direction. But a sense of smoke or fire smell is slightly present.
Probably I can do some beaver safari’s during from this weekend. Our lake Hällsjö and the river Svartån (at least maximum until the bridge ‘Färnebron’) is still free and accessible for our canoe’s or lucky fishers. It is still not allowed to paddle on lake Fläcksjön. Some local events are cancelled. The roads to the north, around several lakes and airspace in and around the fire area is closed to public traffic.
Cities like Västerås, Sala, Uppsala, Stockholm are normal accessible. You could experience and sense some smoke in the whole region, even in Stockholm. The officials and authorities are much more positive and talking now that the situation is more and less under control.
We want to thank our guests and all of you for all your patience, support and understanding. This situation is beyond our limits, this is Force Majeure at the first degree. Our deepest thoughts go to these people who are still in great danger during this monstrous fire.
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With the kindest regards,
John and Family de Jong

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