Environmental policy


At Edens Garden, we protect nature and the environment and always try to find new ways of working in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we have set an environmental policy that we follow and urge our guests to follow to take care of nature in the best way.

Edens Garden’s environmental policy, our 11 basic rules: 1). We inform all our guests for each encounter with sensitive eco systems-, geological formations-, native plants-, and animals. We inform our guests to minimize any negative impacts when visiting these sensitive areas. 2). Our activities are small sized group tours to minimize environmental impact, and so we have adequate control on the group. 3). We avoid crowded, over-visited, environmentally degraded sites. 4). We participate and train how to reduce environmental damage by our tour groups.

5). We teach ourselves thoroughly in ecology, geology, plants and animals, equipment, safety, local practices, and environmental policies. 6). Warn guests specifically not to take samples or souvenirs since their removal may do lasting damage to sensitive sites. 7). Work with local people-, compagnies and all appropriate governmental authorities to foster sound environmental procedures at Edens Garden, and its surroundings. 8). Follow ecologic practices for recycling-, waste management-, use renewable resources, and locally grown organic products.

9). Assess the ecological and environmental impact for all buildings, trails, and tours (example Braheholmen). 10). Environmental impact has been a major part of the planning for our activities and their impact on the local environment. 11). Edens Gardens commitment to nature preservation by encouraging guests to contribute to nature awareness-, support the local economy in order to disperse tourism.

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