Svartådalen (The Black River Valley)

The purpose of Svartådalens Rural Development is to create an organization that can work to behold a living and attractive countryside. Jobs, health care, business, schools, infrastructure, energy and tourism in combination with agriculture and the rural nature. Svartådalens Rural development is a business association that was formed 20 February 2002. The aim is to create a Svartadalen. Svartådalen, Black River Valleydemocratic platform to work on rural development in the parishes Västerfärnebo and Fläckebo. Svartådalens wetlands are classified as internationally important for a number of migratory birds and is part of the EU network of valuable nature areas: Natura 2000, and is designated as Ramsar site of the International Wetlands Convention. In the spring passes many different species of birds on their way north. Land and forest beside the lakes “Hällsjön”, “Rörbosjön”, “Fläcksjön” and lake “Gussjön” are popular breeding grounds for these migratory birds. From te first ice melting until the first week of April passes about 20 000-25 000 whooper swans. Svartådalen is classified as an internationally important resting site for the whooper swans. Svartådalen and the neighbor area “Bergslagen” are among represented in the project “Wild Wonders of Europe“. This project is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of our continent with 700 million Europeans and the World!

Attractions and events in Svartådalen

Ebba Brahe's pavilion at Braheholmen in Fläcksjön is the pearl of the countryside and the rune stone with Sweden's oldest known, written women's tribute; the Odendisa stone, are two of the area's most famous historical objects. In Västerfärnebo, up to a few thousand visitors gather on the last Saturday in July for the annual accordion meeting. Svartådalen is an active village and known for its recurring events, such as Come to the Farm, Arts and Crafts Round, the Black Maran and more. Hälleskogsbrännan & Eco park Öjesjöbrännan On a cold slop in the northeastern part of Surahammar municipality, near the border with Sala municipality, the big forest fire in Västmanland started on July 31, 2014. It was the largest forest fire in Sweden since the 1950s with temperatures up to 900 ° C, 13 800 hectares hit forest and about 25 burnt / fire damaged buildings. The fire demanded a death victim. The rescue effort officially ended on September 11, 2014.

In recent years, nature, wildlife and locals have recovered from this very traumatic event. In the region a whole new nature and a whole new wildlife has come into being. The affected area has become a large national nature reserve divided into 2 areas that are open to visitors. The eco park Öjesjöbrännan and Hälleskogsbrännan are called the 2 different areas that are open. In both areas, you can experience the effects of the forest fire up close and see how nature recovers and life returns. There are several entrances to the nature reserve and there you can read information about the area and see maps of trails you can walk. There are rest areas, lookout towers and other visitor facilities.

Västmanland - The essence of Sweden

In Västmanland we have lots to offer – everything from pristine, scenic environments and amazing rivers to exciting experiences in the form of adventure, nature, wildlife, sports, music and art. Are you also interested in culture and industrial history? Then you have come to the right place. Västerås Mälarcity offers Sweden's most mall city with seven malls right in the center and two giant shopping malls on the outskirts of town. Here you will find everything from small cozy shops to world renowned business chains so there is everything for shopping enthusiast.

Whatever you choose, there is always something in Västerås Mälarcity to experience. From the old city castle to modern design, big and small, everything is perfect for making your visit just as enjoyable. Västerås has a wide range from luxury restaurants to cozy cafes and everything within walking distance. When the evening begins to fall, it's time to spend the night in Västerås. Here you can choose from from sitting at a nice restaurant and eating good food to a cocktail, going to a pub or why not choose one of the nightclubs to dance to? Winter or summer, whatever the season, there are plenty of different meetings and events in Västerås to enjoy. Västerås has a variety of venues and meeting places where you can entertainment party or go to a show

Skultuna, Svanå, Sala, Sätra Brunn, Västerfärnebo, Salbohed & Fläckebo

 In a valley just next to the landmarking river Svartån lies Skultuna with its world famous brass works. Skultuna Brass works celebrated 400 years in 2007 - so it has been over four centuries since Karl IX chose the location along the river Svartån in Västmanland for brass production. Svanå:
 A secluded and exclusive environment. Svanå's seat farm is located just over 20 km northwest of Västerås. Svanå is hidden in a fantastic and authentic environment. Svanå manor was founded in the 1600s and the area has been associated with mines, ironworks and forges since the 1300s. The 'Caroline-style' manor house was erected in the 17th century by the Brahe family.

 Sala: Silver was the very origin of Sala. The operation was closed down in 1908, when the business had been going on for more than 400 years. Today, Sala Silver mine is a living visitor destination, both above and below ground.

155 meters underground, Ulrica Eleonora mine expands with meandering corridors. A unique water system was built a long time ago to supply the mine with hydropower, which today enriches the urban environment with ponds, canals and green areas. Visit the small city center, with small cosy shops and very good 'fika'.

 Sätra Brunn:
 In the 18th century, the highest fashion in all of Europe was to "drink well" and thousands of people pilfered to Sätra Brunn to "achieve healthy fluids". Today, Sätra Brunn is a modern and beautiful spa facility in a 300-year-old environment. Worth to visit and walk the beautiful park and drop make a stop at one of the local handcraft shops.

 Västerfärnebo, Salbohed och Fläckebo:
 The villages of Västerfärnebo, Salbohed and Fläckebo are surrounded by with extensive meadows, wetlands and lakes. Centrally located in Västerfärnebo you will find a cosy 'fika' café, beautiful church and of course the Svartådalen's Nature and Culture Center. Salbohed's history is an ornament to the history of the Västmanland regiment. The picturesque Fläckebo is simply mandatory to visit.

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