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Activities close to nature!

At Edens Garden we offer a variety of activities and experiences for you and your family, family, friends, smaller groups or smaller companies. Our location is centrally located in the Västmanland region, only 1½ hours from Stockholm and thus a good base for a memorable stay. Click on the season you intend to visit us to see what activities we offer right then. Don't forget to click on 'Our Specials' to find out about our special offers. We also recommend that you read the brochure on "Västmanland - the essence of Sweden", which offers lots of experiences in addition to our own range. You are very welcome with us for everything from canoeing, cycling, fishing, watching beavers and to relaxing and yoga. 
You can also book our activities, even if you do not have accommodation with us.


Have you ever seen a beaver in the wild before? What do you actually know about beavers? Join a knowledgeable guide into the fascinating world of the Black River Valley. Together we’ll paddle stealthily by canoe along the Black River into the beaver’s realm. In the evening the wind drops and the waters become calm. The evening mist swirls over the water and fields and through the trees. A symphony of birdsong, the trumpeting calls of cranes, then a rustling in the reeds… Now we are still and await the entrance of a beaver! A fascinating animal with natural woodworking skills. The Beaver builds complex structures out of twigs, branches and earth. With an arched back like a fin and its webbed feet the beaver is perfectly adapted to a life in and around the water. Beaver is therefore a key species in the Swedish landscape. Researchers have shown that a water system with beaver ponds have a richer biodiversity than the system without beavers.


Practical information:
The safari takes place every day during may through the second week of september.
Tid: Departure times depend on sunset, between 17.00 and 20.00 Safari time is about 3 up to 4 hours, sometimes longer, this depends on the evening light and the wildlife activity.
Meeting point: Edens Garden Bed & Breakfast.

Parking at the farm, canoe & paddles, lifejacket, watertight container and padded seat. Workshop about beaver and the wetlands, and you will be served real coffee or tea from a copper kettle with delicious biscuits at our jetty. Guided tour into the beaver's realm. We give no warranty, all depend on nature’s terms. Most likely you will see beavers, it's a beaver safari after all. The tour is conducted every day during spring, summer and autumn.

Good to know:

• We expect that you turn off your cellphone.
• We expect that you can sit still in a canoe and be quiet for several hours. 
• Bring weatherproof clothing and shoes/boots/sandals for canoeing.
• Bring a camera and/or binoculars.
• Do NOT use anti mosquito repellent! We will lend you an anti mosquito jacket with a hood.
• You have to know how to swim. Smaller children are given a special life jacket with float collar.
• We strive to serve locally produced foods or Swedish organic foods.

• Our Beaver safari evening tour is not possible under the following circumstances wind speeds over 6m/sec or thunderstorms. these conditions are forecast, you may cancel the trip 48 hours before arrival and receive a full refund, cancellation within 48 hours of departure is not refundable but we will re-schedule your booking.

Other information:
Free parking of your caravan or caravan, or to set up a tent if you book Beaver & Breakfast. NOTE! we have no camping facilities.

  • Beaversafari, evening tour 695 sek/adult

    Children under 14 years - 395 sek/child. 2-10 participants. Booking is binding. Prior knowledge of canoeing is not necessary.

Fishing in Black river valley

Fishing and Sweden are closely connected. Fishing in Sweden is a special activity, and above all about relaxation. You will experience complete peace with nature all around you. You might experience an osprey snatching a fish from the lake or an elk coming to the waterside to drink. In the waters around Black river valley you can find the bream in the high reeds and perch and pike almost everywhere in the lakes, you can also find trout in Lake Hörendesjön. The fishing in these areas is very good, often pike are reported around 4-6 kg, sometimes up to 10 kg.

  • Rental complete set fishing gear (amateur/leisure): Från 150 kr

    150 sek for 1 day, 200 sek for 2 days, 800 sek for 1 week.

Rent fishing equipment

The following is included: 
Casting rod, fishing rod, net, bucket and bag with different fishing materials.
Loss of flow, art and wobblers will be charged in addition to the rental price of the material.

Buy fishing license

  • Fishing license Svartån-Hällsjön (Hällsjötorp all the way to Hällsjön): 50 sek/day
Fishing license Svartån-Hällsjön

50 sek/day, possibility to fish 24 hours from card resolution. Day passes only apply to 1 fishing gear.
150 sek/year, provides the opportunity to fish during the current year from card resolution.
To buy a fishing license for Hällsjön swish directly to 123 1560 002 and mark it with "Fiskekort Hällsjön".

  • Fishing license Svartån-Fläcksjön (Hällsjötorp all the way to Fläcksjön): 50 sek/day
Fishing license Svartån-Fläcksjön

50 sek/day, possibility to fish 24 hours from card resolution. Day passes only apply to 1 fishing gear.
150 sek/year, provides the opportunity to fish during the current year from card resolution.
To buy a fishing license for Fläcksjön swish directly to 123 1561 661 and mark it with "Fiskekort Fläcksjön".

Rent a bicycle

Edens Garden lies in the middle of beautiful Black river valley and with us you forget about everyday stress. Black river valley is an area of national interest for outdoor activities. The area is excellent for bike rides and you can of course rent a bike from us. Various road surfaces exist, such as asphalt and gravel road and occasional steep slopes. Several attractions can be seen along the way, such as the Svanå mansion with all of its history, Haråker's mill, Sätra Brunn and more. On the way home you can cross Fläckebo with Odindisa's runstone or you can go by Ekoparken Öjesjöbrännan, which is part of the nature reserve after the big forest fire in Västmanland 2014. 

Rent a bike

Good to know:

Edens Garden is in close proximity to the Mälardalen bike path and Västerås cycle network. Further north there is a direct connection to the Svartådalen bicycle route and Karrbennings bicycle route, both mapped and signposted. Borrow our plastic-wrapped bicycle maps, we are happy to help suggest trips.

Bicycle helmet.
Our bikes have 7 gears, sturdy tires, lamps and lockable storage box. You can also rent our bikes through the Sala Tourist Office.

Additional accessories:
Child seat 50 sek/day incl. child bicycle helmet. Children's bicycle trailer 75 sek/day incl. child bicycle helmet.

  • Bicycle rental 80 sek/day

Rent a canoe

Svartådalen is like a radiant smile! Svartådalen is a valuable wetland area (Natura2000) with important key biotopes and a fascinating amount of biodiversity. The beautiful and peaceful lake system is connected by the meandering narrow river Svartån. Svartådalen is therefore excellent to explore with a canoe. In lake Fläcksjön lies Braheholmen with its beautiful historic pavilion that can only be reached by canoe or small boat. Braheholmen is the pearl of Svartådalen and should be visited during your canoe trip.

Rent a canoe

Good to know:

• Edens Garden has 8 "Canadians". Our canoes can accommodate 3 people (2 adults - 1 child).
• Canoe trips take place on Svartån between Hällsjön and Fläckebo in the beautiful Svartådalen valley.
• Canoeing is great for discovering nature up close. Suitable for families, friends, bachelorette / stag party or small business. 2-12 participants.

• At Eden Garden's jetty there is a barbecue area (cement ring with grill) and sturdy benches that you can use if not booked.

• You can also rent extra equipment, such as our safe barbecue / stove ('EldBox'), overnight equipment such as 6 seater tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bag and more. Simply choose from our booking system or contact us if you want to know more.

• You have to know how to swim. Smaller children may borrow a special lifejacket with floating collar.
• NOTE! The canoe is always returned on the rental day (afternoon/evening). On return the following day, 300 SEK / canoe will be charged and paid on site.

Paddles, life jackets, sheepskins for seating and waterproof storage can.

  • Paddle direct: 325 sek/canoe

    With ”Paddla Direkt” you head away directly from our jetty and it's the perfect tour for families with smaller children. You decide how long you want and can paddle.

  • After work-paddle 295 sek/canoe

    Paddle away directly from our jetty. Valid only after 5pm and Monday-Friday only. You can bring your own food to the grill or book our barbecue package.

Stable flat-bottomed boat

Fancy something a bit more sturdy than a canoe? Then you would like our stable aluminium flat-bottomed boat, equipped with a silent electric motor. This boot is perfect for long hours of fishing, hidden among the reeds. However, this boat is also perfect for bird watching, nature photography and recording of natural sounds. Or just spend a lovely day on the water with a picnic lunch in the middle of the lake. Come out here, enjoy the total silence, surrounded only by nature full of life!

  • Price 500 sek/day

    Including oars, life jackets, anchors, seat cushions, electric motor, strong 105 marine battery with small charger solar panel.

Hiking in the Black River valley

To hike in Svartådalen is of course completely free, possibly it can cost a few bucks if you want to buy hiking maps or a picnic basket. The Black River Valley and its surroundings offer several different marked hiking trails and adjacent to the trails there are often information signs and well-established barbecue places. The Black River Valley hiking map and other map material with descriptions can be found at us at Edens Garden. We can give you suggestions on interesting hiking routes, eg. hiking in the nature reserve Vitmossen, hiking on the Öjesjön in the Öjesjönbrännan ecopark, hiking in the Fermansbos primeval forest and various stretches in the nature reserve Hällskogsbrännan. We also sell a walking guide, "Walking in central Sweden" which describes 3 hiking trails in Svartådalen.

Bird watching

The Black River Valley wetlands are classified as internationally important for a variety of migratory birds and are part of the EU's network of valuable natural areas. This makes Edens Garden the perfect starting point for all bird enthusiasts. Contact us if you want to get in touch with knowledgeable guides and bird experts.

Bird watching

In the spring, many different bird species here rest on their way north. Land and forest adjacent to Lake Hällsjön, Rörbosjön, Fläcksjön and Gussjön are well-visited breeding sites for migratory birds. From the ice floe to the first week of April, the region is flooded with about 25,000 song swans on their way to their nesting sites.

In the winter, pine grosbeak, relatives of crossbill, have attracted a record number of foreign bird watchers to Västmanland's forests. Pine grosbeaks and even northern hawk owls have migrated to Sweden from large coniferous forests in the north and east. These bird species are unusual in the UK and Western Europe and therefore attract birdwatchers and nature photographers from there, here to Svartådalen and Västmanland.

Birds that can be found in Svartådalen include spotted nutcracker, black tern, swan, crane, western yellow wagtail, northern lapwing, greylag goose, coot, northern shoveler and eurasian curlew. At Lake Hällsjön, opposite the Garden of Eden, we often visit white-tailed eagles that nest there. During the autumn, the cranes are gathered in Svartådalen and a tranquil evening is arranged, which is a nature spectacle. The great grey owl also thrives here in the area.